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Agave Snout Nosed Beetle Tips

Traizine granules kills agave beetles and other grubs (scyphophorus acupunctatus / agave snout-nosed beetle /agave weevil).

The agave snout-nosed beetle (scyphophorus acupunctatus) are an unfortunate pest to the agave garden. The agave plants can be thriving one day and suddenly show evidence of infestation and collapse the next day. By the time one notices the attack, a great deal of damage will have already taken place.

The agave beetle drills a hole in the heart of the agave then lays its eggs. When the eggs hatch the new grubs begin eating the heart out of the plant. As they eat and grow they also introduce bacteria and rot and this kills the agave cactus. In order to protect most agaves, it is necessary to treat the soil with grub killer.

We recommend (following the directions on the label) a monthly treatment of triazine granules available at Home Depot in and around the base of all of your agaves. If you can't treat monthly, treat in early spring and late summer. After the granules are applied, every time you water or it rains -- a little insecticide will seep down and protect your plants.


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