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The Cactus Doctor is a cacti horticulture company specializing in all varieties of cacti. Keeping your cactus alive and healthy is his passion. Whether your cactus is sick, looks unhealthy, needs pruning, surgery or transplanting give The Cactus Doctor a call and we will schedule a house call or phone consultation. The Cactus Doctor wants all of your cacti to be healthy and beautiful.

A listing of our current services is located below. Everything from insurance and contractor consultations, house calls, phone consultations, saguaro surgeries, transplanting, thinning, amputation, saguaro straightening, to water conservation consultations.

If you don't see what you are looking for, just give us a call to schedule an appointment at 602-465-0566.

Cochineal Scale Treatment,Saguaro Sales

Fallen Saguaros

Fallen Saguaros is an added division of The Cactus Doctor. We specialize in the removal of all damaged and fallen saguaros and all other cactus varieties in the Phoenix Metro area; large or small we take care of them all - including large saguaros, organ pipe cactus, senitas, totem pole cactus, Mexican fence post cactus, Peruvian apple cactus, prickly pear, etc. Please call for pricing - 602-465-0566.

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Horticulture and Cactus Consulting - Service Calls

The Cactus Doctor is Phoenix Arizona's local cactus expert. If your cacti are sick and need help call the doctor today to schedule a consultation. Does your saguaro has black goo and bugs oozing from it? If so, it needs immediate attention - time is of the essence! If your cactus has brown spots or is yellow instead of green you need to call The Cactus Doctor today! Consultations (service calls) are $160. - 602-465-0566.

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Cacti Pruning and Thinning

The Cactus Doctor crew can transform your overcrowded cacti into healthy specimens! Overcrowded cacti have many issues - one is cross branching and fighting for nutrients from the land. The Cactus Doctor will eliminate the extra arms and branches and your cactus will experience new growth and vibrance! Please call for pricing and to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566.

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Saguaro Spears

We have many different sizes of saguaro spears (saguaros without limbs) for sale. Saguaro Spears please call for pricing. Please call for current inventory- 602-465-0566. (Do you have unwanted, healthy saguaro spears, barrel cactus, etc. give us a call and you may qualify for our free removal program. Call for details.)

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Cacti Transplanting - All Types

Please call to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566 Cacti transplanting - all types and varieties (8 feet or less) - micro daisies prickly pears (White Bunny Ears) too!

Fallen Saguaros

Saguaro Transplant and Removal of Healthy Specimens

Please call to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566 Saguaro transplant and removal of healthy specimens of 8 feet or less.

Cacti Pruning

Saguaro Surgeries and Amputations

Please call to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566

cacti Thinning

Cochineal Scale Treatment

Please call to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566

Saguaro Spears

Saguaro Limb Removal

Please call to schedule a service call ($160.00) - 602-465-0566

Cacti Transplanting

Saguaro Sales

We have many different sizes of saguaros for sale. Please call for current list and pricing - 602-465-0566

Saguaro Surgeries,Saguaro Amputations

Saguaro Straightening

Please call for pricing - 602-465-0566
Saguaro Straightening up to 28 feet

Saguaro Transplant,Saguaro removal

Cactus Sales

We have many different varieties of cacti for sale. Please call for current list and pricing- 602-465-0566

Saguaro Spears, cacti Thinning,

Water Conservation Consulting

Please call for pricing - 602-465-0566

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