We offer free cactus removal for a select few preferred varieties. Please send us an email with a photo of your cactus to see if you qualify for free cactus salvage.

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Removal/Fallen Saguaro

Saguaro removal, saguaro cactus removal

Cacti Transplanting

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Saguaro Installation/Relocation

cactus transplant, cactus plants for sale

Saguaro skeletonizing

The Cactus Doctor Specializes In:

  • Saguaro Straightening
  • Bacterial Eradication
  • Cochineal (Mealybug) Eradication
  • Cactus Disease Control
  • Pruning and Thinning
  • Saguaro Amputations
  • Saguaro Limb Removal
  • Cactus Expert Consultations
  • Cactus Transplanting and Salvage
  • Customized Cactus Gardens
  • Total Cactus Wellness
  • Saguaro Sales
  • Saguaro and other cacti removal
  • Cactus Expert consultations
  • Skeletonize big and small saguaros
  • Relocate, and replant saguaros
Cactus surgery


If your cacti are looking ill, call The Cactus Doctor today and schedule a house call and they will nurse your sick cactus back to health. The Cactus Doctor has a simple cure for landscapes that cause maintenance headaches, painful high water bills! They can even help you reduce your stress naturally! Let us share our 30+ years of extensive experience and knowledge with you and create a beautiful custom, low maintenance cactus garden specifically designed for Phoenix, Arizona.

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Does your saguaro have bugs and black goo oozing from a hole? The Cactus Doctor can perform life saving surgery on your saguaro today - don't delay as time is of the essence. Even if your saguaro is situated in a difficult to reach location (close to a pool, on a cliff, up close to a building, etc.) The Cactus Doctor can treat it - you'll be amazed at the places he can reach! Call and schedule your custom cactus garden or saguaro surgery consultation today! 602-465-0566

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Saguaro Straightening Specialists!

Cactus Expert Consultations, Saguaro Sale

Is your saguaro cactus leaning? Did it fall during a recent storm? Think all hope is lost for your beautiful saguaro? The Cactus Doctor straightens saguaros that others have given up on! We are the saguaro experts who can get into areas that trucks and cranes cannot reach! The Cactus Doctor works in locations that seem and have been deemed impossible! Saguaros located in backyards near swimming pools are a sinch! Don't lose hope! Let The Cactus Doctor straighten your saguaro today. Call and schedule your saguaro straightening appointment now! 602-465-0566

Fallen Saguaro, cactus care

Dry Up Painful High Water Bills! Eliminate Landscape Maintenance Headaches! Reduce Stress Naturally With Therapeutic Cactus Gardens! The Cactus Doctor has the perfect prescription! Call and schedule your appointment today! In Phoenix, Arizona - 602-465-0566

Fallen Saguaro, cactus care

The Cactus Doctor is your local cactus experts in Phoenix, Arizona!

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Official Consultant for The Desert Botanical Gardens

The founder of The Cactus Doctor is a graduate of the Desert Landscaper's School and Certified by The Desert Botanical Garden

A member of the Referral List
The University of Arizona Extension

saguaro straightening, Cactus Disease Control

Cacti Broker

We salvage up to 22 feet or smaller saguaro spears, and have available for sale: all sizes of saguaro cactus, Mexican fence post cacti, Arizona organ pipe cacti, totem pole cactus, fish hook barrel cactus, teddy bear cholla, chainfruit cholla, single and multi-headed golden barrel cactus, and many other varieties. Please call for our current inventory.

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